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Lost all my posts!

I’ve been using my cloning software for my other blogs but never got around to doing this one yet. Suddenly, everything was gone, and I don’t know when it went. Admittedly, this blog has not been getting a lot of attention (from me or the outside world) and I didn’t think anything bad would happen here.

Guess I was wrong. So today I reinstalled my favorite plugin, Paper Template. It was as easy as the first time I did it, so that’s lucky. But I lost all my other posts…not that there were so many. Next job: Clone this blog.

Protect yourselves out there. Get some good software, good plugins, such as anything you can find by Robert Plank, and you will be pretty safe.

First up: Get yourself a copy of the Paper Template. You won’t regret it!

Become an Online Profit Hunter

If you’re anything like me, you’re already overwhelmed with a ton of marketing messages, have bought a ton of ebooks, CDs and programs, and are now pressed flat (broke) to the wall with the weight of it all.

Little wonder that promised riches are still just a dream.

But hey! At least you still have the dream!

That’s a GOOD thing.

Giving up is the bad thing. Not having a dream is bad. Having your dream killed is worse.

And what you DON’T need is more hype! (OK, OK, Uncle! I believe you! Your product is wonderful, oh great Internet Guru…)

The problem is … (are you ready for this?) … the problem is … FOCUS.

If you don’t focus on something, how can you get the most out of it?

Can you imagine a day like this?

You wake up, head right over to your computer, log on to one of the 10 membership sites you joined to see what today’s lesson or offer is. Or, you go see what your next lesson assignment is. OK… got it. You’ll do it in a moment. But right now, it’s time to feed the dog… or the kids. After all, they’re begging you! You can’t ignore that.

The phone rings, and while you’re rescheduling your dental appointment, the doorbell rings. You grab the door, give the lawn service guy his check, then say goodbye to the receptionist on the phone, and write the new appointment on the calendar.

You take a quick shower, put the dog out, run to the post office to get the package announced by the sticky note you found on your door while you were paying the lawn guy.

Excited, you dash into the P.O. because this must be the books and DVDs you just ordered from a famous mentoring coach.

Back home, you open the box and check out all the materials. Yep — all there. You can’t wait to get started.

The phone rings. It’s your mom/uncle/dad/brother/best friend/boss, wanting to know if you got the email they just sent you. OK, you go back to the computer to look. You promise to email them right back with the answer. Yes or no, you have to respond. This takes time. They insisted, after all.

Oh great… your stomach is growling. You forgot to eat something. And you know you can’t concentrate on anything if you didn’t eat (or drink coffee).

As you head to the kitchen, the phone rings again. (What is this… Grand Central Station?) It’s your mom/dad/brother/friend again. You tell them, look, I can’t talk right now. I have a class in 5 minutes – (yep, don’t forget that other online course you just signed up for) – and your caller says, “Oh come on. Skip the class and go to coffee with me. I have some great news to share with you.”

You protest (but I PAID for this class!) and they tell you, “Don’t be a dead head. Just get the makeup lesson later.”

Just as you’re about to explain that this isn’t high school, they announce they’re picking you up in 10 minutes.

Sigh. By the time you get back home, the dog is barking to come back in and you have to go to the bathroom.

Yes, these are things you can’t ignore.

By now the day is half gone and you go back to your computer, trying to decide which program you still have time for today.

Net result so far? Zero!

You now own 20 great marketing products but you haven’t had time to actually DO any of them.

If this sounds familiar, I sympathize.  Why? Because I’ve been there!

It’s very difficult to make your friends and family understand that you need to be self-disciplined. Everyone thinks that because you are “working from home,” or taking some classes (that they consider bogus, by the way), they do not respect your time nor honor your commitment to your studies.

All they can grasp is a JOB where you have to go punch a clock, or a school where you have to show up if you want a grade. Performance is not considered in either of those equations, so there is no use trying to explain it. They wouldn’t “get it” anyway.

There is only way out of this mess:


Create a daily schedule. You do have daily obligations, so do them. But do them according to a schedule. Or the dog will drive you crazy.. along with your mom/dad/brother/best friend, etc.

During YOUR time, do not answer the phone – or the door.

This will not be easy to implement at first. People in your life are used to you being available and will severely test your sanity as you set new standards and boundaries for your day.

Be strong. Be consistent. Hold on to your dream. Do your daily praxis or your affirmations, or whatever mental mindset system you have signed up for.

Choose ONE marketing program to do. Just one… for now. Don’t worry… you can do another one soon… just as soon as you are handling the first one properly.
But pick one. You can’t do them all at once. You’ll go nuts … and broke (if you aren’t already).

I narrowed mine down to a few that I really like. But it was still too many to do all at once.

As I work my way through my favorites, I learn, and now… I also EARN.


Just in case it might help you, too, I have listed my favorites on the next page, with links for you to go check them out.

The best part is, you can do them all with no initial outlay of cash. After I ended up broke with the “shotgun approach,” I was forced to find only free products. Or, at least free to start. Take advantage of the 30-day free trials, for example. Nothing wrong with that, to start.

Most of these on my list are affiliate programs, and most affiliate programs can be done with no upfront costs to start. It’s one of the reasons affiliate marketing is such a great way to get started.

And if you find you really love it, you may want to become a Super Affiliate, and that could be your only business model, if you choose. There are a lot of online millionaires who got there with affiliate marketing!

If you’d like to check out the programs that are working for me, just sign up here so I can send you updates and new ideas as I get them, and I’ll send you my special report, Beginners’ Tips For Success. After you sign up, go check your inbox for an immediate email with instructions to get the free report. Then go to the next page to see all the choices.